A Level Playing Field

Every time I update or create a new job profile, I have one more reminder of just how good my skill set is. Years of experience working in online communities, advanced knowledge of software, especially Microsoft Office Suite and QuickBooks, developing and tracking projects – I don’t always appreciate or realize what I have accomplished until it is down in actual words.

So why is it that I don’t get e-mail or voicemail replies from recruiters? I work on improving my resume with the help of the Minnesota Workforce Center. I attend job fairs. I make sure that every asset I have is out in public view including my veterans status.

It starts to look to me sometimes like I don’t stand much chance not because I’m a woman but because I am a transgendered woman. And I have it better than some because I live in a state that includes gender identity as part of its labor nondiscrimination regulations, which is not to say that discrimination does not happen. In this economy any employer can find a reason to not hire me without spilling the beans of expressing a personal opinion about transgendered people.

I have just one basic message for prospective employers. My name is legally Denise; I am legally female in the state of Minnesota. I am a Vietnam era veteran who earned everything she has ever gotten. I have spent untold hours educating myself in the tools I need to do my job. I have excellent references from professional people who not only appreciate what I can contribute to the team but also appreciate my friendship without caring one whit about my gender identity.

If you do not hire me, if you do not return my calls or my e-mails, you will miss out on what could be a very profitable decision for your business. If you don’t call back because I am a transgendered woman, you are, as we used to say down on the farm, cutting off your nose to spite your face.

I have no interest in special treatment. I only expect with the law says I should expect including veterans preference when it is offered. I expect a level playing field just like any other woman. I expect to give full attention to my time that an employer purchases. If I can’t do the job, I will be the first to tell you. Fair enough?



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