Once in a Blue Moon

I have no idea where this summer has gone. Well, I have some idea, but the real problem is that I expected more – more time, more results, more progress. Not too long ago I wrote about being an historian. I still struggle with the desire to reach behind me and fix something. I always seem to have the same answer to the question – if you had it to do all over again, would you? In a New York minute.

August is a “blue moon” month. There will be two full moons, an event that happens every 2.66 years. Blue moons aren’t particularly rare like the return of Haley’s Comet, but they are uncommon enough to be significant. Could August be a personal blue moon month for me and maybe you?

Rather than look back and turn into a pillar of salt over something that I can’t just change, August could be that uncommon month. Here’s why:

  • For reasons I may never understand, God, my Higher Power, seems to step into my life at the 11th hour a lot this year. Too many things have happened that I did not anticipate. Will God do this again? Am I in the way?
  • Some things I cannot change, like how many decisions other people choose to make right this very moment which critically affect me. Life begins to look like the proverbial plate of spaghetti, but if I can’t find an end to unravel, maybe I’m not supposed to. I’m not real comfortable with that phenomenon by the way, but I have to admit it is a possibility.
  • Not everything is a problem. The summer is a definite mixed bag. I am acutely aware of the love and support of people around me more than ever, one more sign of a person in recovery. This week is my court date for my legal name change. I was asked yesterday if I would go in November to a summit for transgender religious leaders. I had my picture taken with Sen. Al Franken. The world is validating my identity at a record clip.
  • I have more job leads and networking connections than any time in the last nine months. I read someplace that the average unemployment period for somebody like myself is 10 months. I’m good with being average.

My blue moon month comes in a personal flavor. Your blue moon month is no different. Try making a list like mine. Don’t be satisfied with less than three entries; don’t stop until you have wrung out every last drop of possibility. Life isn’t about July; life is about August.

Love, Denise


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