Give Up Your Excuses

(my take on the twelfth part of 15 Things You Should Give Up to Be Happy)

Whatever your drug of choice, the end of the road doesn’t come with being dismissed by friends and family because you’ve made so many excuses, you’re not creditable anymore.  It’s not about the birthday parties you miss and excuses you give.  It’s not about the school concerts you promised to attend and never show up at.  The end of the road comes when you stare at that person in the mirror and realize you are lying to yourself.

I and people around me are recovering from a disease of chemical abuse distinguished by its manipulation of the truth.  Sooner or later, we come to the end of those excuses and we either embrace life and sanity…or we don’t.

But our willingness to lie to ourselves seems larger to me than just chemical health. It feels to me like we’ve together sunk into some kind of cultural tar pit, overcome by excuses.  Whether we talk about health care, politics, economy, we’re contagious to each other.  The problems of our lives demand our best and excuses aren’t making it.

My hope is that as more of us in our communities come face to face with that collective person in the mirror, we spread a truthful, realistic contagion of purpose.  No more half-truths, no more scape goats, no more excuses, not from ourselves and not from each other.  And it starts with me looking in the mirror and accepting my own responsibility for what is happening right this minute. If I can do that much, it will be enough not only to connect my own sense of internal purpose, it will connect me with my neighbor who has reached the same conclusion.

Love, Denise


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