Give Up on Self-Defeating Self-Talk

(my take on the fourth part of 15 Things You Should Give Up to Be Happy)

It’s not just the voices in my head which conspire to defeat my best efforts and dreams.  I just got back from an extended road trip to visit family and once more I remember that all that self-talk came from somewhere.

I’m not helpless anymore.  I don’t need to accept that those external voices now manifesting themselves inside my mind have validity.  I don’t need to disguise the pain they cause.  I don’t need to respond to those false messages in a juvenile fashion, full of angst, getting sucked right back into the old me who didn’t know better than to play the victim.

Much more often than not, I know that self-talk for what it is.  I am free to live as the woman I’m created to be each day, full of dreams and surprises, and yet capable of responding maturely to the inevitable failures by picking my self up and creatively tackling life again.  I can do this, day in and day out.  And you can too.


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