My Brain: Starting Over

Through most of my life, the prevailing wisdom has said that when anybody kills brain cells through addiction, that’s it.  No second chances.  No regaining your senses.  The popular picture of alcoholics, especially the elderly – dazed, confused, vulnerable forever.  But is this the entire story?

It’s not funny to refer casually to last night’s wild party as “omg, I really killed some brain cells [groan]”. Neither would it be smart to escalate a drinking career while planning on being able to recover from all that damage.  It is worth understanding that the future is not so bleak maybe for the alcoholic mind as we tell ourselves.

I was sober for a full year before I started to realize that I was beginning to recover my ability to comprehend and convey something more than the simplest thoughts.  (All along I thought I was so smart and intellectual, all a big lie my alcoholic brain was telling me.)  Now the evidence is more than anecdotal and I picked that up from Kate Bornstein of all people.

Neurogenesis, the growth of brain cells, occurs in humans naturally.  And it is definitely tied to things I can actually control like physical exercise.  At last I and you have some hope of becoming new/renewed people.  Getting sober and staying sober is worth maybe more than we realized.

Try googling “neurogenesis addiction” and you’ll find lots of other encouraging info.  You CAN recover!


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