An Unapologetic Intellectual

That’s right.  I won’t apologize for 4 years of college with a dual major in psychology and history, a Master of Divinity degree from 3 years of seminary and most of a Doctor of Ministry degree from multiple trips to California.  In fact, I’m rather proud of what I’ve accomplished with a lot of sacrifice not only from self but especially from family.  And I hale from the East Coast.  I’m doomed.

An education was a thing of considerable value in my family.  It was a ticket to additional respect and upward mobility.  It also was not something to flaunt.  In a paradoxical way I am not somehow another person’s social superior.  When somebody from my growing up remembers me as “smart”, I am uncomfortable.  As a pastor I moved with relative ease from some farmer’s machine shed and welding on a combine to stages shared with governors. I would much rather two-step than go to the opera.

I won’t apologize for an ability to read and generally understand and when I see an argument that draws on the legitimate past history of the church that says yes, the Church has indeed joined people together of the same sex, I intend to speak that.  This church history marriage link stretches the mind.  The link could be dry and difficult going.  But the truth of the matter is that conservative arguments about same sex marriage depend far more upon Victorian morality and 1950’s American culture than they do upon either scripture or the actual history of religious people, Christian or not. 

Be responsible.  Make the effort to at least tackle it.  What you don’t get, ask me or somebody else and I’ll try to help.  But don’t accept at face value anybody who makes broad, blanket statements about any controversial subject.  You have the freedom.  Use it!


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