24 Hours in a Day…Every Day

I’m not going to get hung up on a fairly predictable marriage equality vote outcome in NC.  Although I actually graduated from high school in Charlotte, I’m not going to waste a lot of time indulging in questionable pokes at southerners and just irritating people who could still be willing to change their minds.  I have a waking share of 24 hours today in which to work on marriage equality right here in Minnesota and secondarily in Maine.

I believe the best antidote to fear mongering is first to stay calm, cool and collected myself.  When I stay sober and under control emotionally, I have a much better chance of being respected by intimates and the community at large as a person who contributes to the world around her and not as an exotic object.  If you can see me as another person, I’m that much less a threat to your family, your marriage, your faith.  And once you see me as a person, the odds are that much better that you can see other LGBT folks as real people as well.

Make no mistake: I support marriage equality as a basic human right in American culture and citizenship.  I work for fair, non-discriminatory treatment of gender-variant people in public access and employment.  I resist with all my energy the notion that minority rights should ever be put to a public vote or that discrimination become enshrined so casually as a constitutional amendment.

But I have today, this moment, to live as a person of faith in my own community and that life is more important and more effective than anything else I do.  So that’s my agenda for today.  And tomorrow morning, I start it all over again.




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