Jamaica & the Future

When your teenager screams at you, “I hate you! I wish you were dead!”, most of us have enough sense to chalk this off to an overwhelming flood of hormones.  It’s quite something else to realize that somebody actually wishes you dead.

LGBT rights are heating up again in Jamaica, despite the culture of fear perpetuated by right-wing, evangelistic churches abetted by conveniently lax law enforcement.  People have been dying, murdered sometimes at the hands of mobs, purely on the suspicion of being gay.  Members of Metropolitan Community Churches meet secretively in undisclosed locations with echoes of early church persecution despite the UK’s insistence it will withdraw financial aid to any country that will not respect LGBT rights and our own country’s recent public stance on the world stage supporting LGBT rights.

The opposition leader Portia Simpson Miller has courageously suggested that the so-called buggery laws need to be examined and repealed.  Her statements have drawn the expected backlash from Jamaican church leaders, beginning with Bishop Herro Blair on Christmas Day.  Simply put, Bishop Blair considers me an abomination and would gladly see me permanently erased from this dimension.  What a concept.

A couple of thoughts – next time a cruise/holiday in the Caribbean really looks attractive, say about February, consider where it is going.  On a much larger field, why is this Deliverance Evangelistic Association this so-called bishop represents based in Florida and not Jamaica?  What are the connections going on behind the scenes?  Just who is bankrolling this final solution and what happens to whatever money comes out of the pockets of Jamaican people?

It’s not that big a speculative leap to imagine what American society would look like through the false patina of Bishop Blair.  All a person needs to do is listen carefully and calmly to current political rhetoric.  And so the ultimate question – would such a scenario square at all with any reasonable historic vision of democracy?


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  1. Roxie Cooper
    Dec 29, 2011 @ 23:18:15

    Thanks for sharing these posts with me.


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