An Open Letter to the People of Iowa

I mean this in all sincerity; how does this feel?  What does it mean to you to have a campaign run an ad on your television that was based entirely on the results of a pollster calling around to see if it would fly?  Is this what you signed on for, to watch political ads like some kind of pay per view where you control the content so you get to see exactly what you had already made your mind up about?  How does it feel to know that the person behind this has already accepted untold big bucks from the LGBT community – GOProud and the Log Cabin Republicans, telling everybody that he wanted the LGBT community to get a fair shake out in the world and then moves on to another payday?

Somebody explain to me what difference it would make if the candidate wasn’t a live person at all, just a computer image generated to pronounce certain notions in response to what number you pressed on your phone.  You wouldn’t have to go out in the cold, spend a whole evening trying to exercise your political rights and obligations.  What would be that like?

Have you ever had somebody from the LGBT community treat you this way?  When your gay neighbors told you they wanted to get married, were they this cynical or did somebody tell you why he felt the way he did face-to-face even if you didn’t like it?

Just curious.


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