What I Need from the Medical Establishment

I am amongst the fortunate in the transgender world when it comes to medical care.  Despite the unreasoning hostility of some people to adequate and competent health care for trans people, I happen to have an insurance company that recognizes trans medical needs, a primary physician who interned in a community with a significant trans community, and a physician with many years of experience in prescribing hormone therapy.  Both physicians know the limits of their ability.  They both don’t hesitate to refer.  They both are aware of hormone therapy side effects, short and long term.  They know I will need medical care as a woman such as breast health screening as well as prostate examination as I get older.

Everybody should be able to access this kind of professional care.  Nobody should be able to impose his or her own agenda on whether that care should be provided or is deserving based on gender presentation any more than on the basis of race.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has now served notice on its members to be prepared to treat transgender patients or to make competent referrals.  That is what I need from the medical establishment.


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