First Things First

I stood waiting in a convenience store last night to use the ATM.  A service technician was talking on a cell phone, trying to get somebody to help him validate that the machine was now working properly.  Then he said, “If you just confirm this, I can get out of the way and let this patient lady behind me get her business done.” He smiled back over his shoulder.

I believe in the independence of women, equality of pay and opportunity, physical ability.  As a trans-woman I expect to be treated that way in society as well.  But before I can seem to get that far, I need to recognized as just that – a trans woman.  As others said in that TG Day of Remembrance panel Saturday night, I need to be called by my chosen name.  I need other people to refer to me as “she” and “her”.  I need to be appreciated as a middle-aged woman (interesting panel comments on generational differences and what that means to be a trans woman or gender queer).

To be recognized – not stared at but treated as female in a matter of fact, common sense fashion – is what I need first.  If my basic human identity is not recognized, nothing else will come.  I am grateful for decent and thoughtful strangers.


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  1. CJ Myer
    Nov 27, 2011 @ 05:51:26

    Decent and thoughtful strangers are the best, but sometimes the stares are nice to, because at least they’ve notice that I’m not exactly a man.


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