L, G, B… AND T

I know, I know…this post is way over due.  I promise I’ll get better now that I’m moved:)

The latest controversy seems to be the exclusion of trans panel participants at the NAACP’s attempt to be inclusive on LGBT people of color.  Not being a person of color, I’m more of an observer of how the NAACP handles things, not a critic.  But here is an interesting sidelight that does expose a common public misconception of what makes a trans person trans and it involves Don Lemon of all people.

No, Don and for other folk, trans people are not all really gay.  Gender identity is NOT about sexual orientation; gender identity IS about the discontinuity some people experience between the birth identity gender and the gender they feel in their brains.  Trans people do express a variety of sexual orientations, but we are lumped together in the casual public mind with L, G and B folk because we have all experienced similar kinds of discrimination.  There is a great common thread in our stories about what it means to “come out”.

Some of my gay as well as straight friends don’t quite get what it means to feel different in that way (or the great American bathroom debate), but they are supportive of my story of struggling not to reveal who I really am [thanks, you know who you are:)].  THAT is what makes us all unique and similar, not what we wear or don’t wear or who we love.

I hope this helps shed some light for all the people I know.



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  1. Roxie
    Jul 29, 2011 @ 16:15:46

    Well Said!


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