Things I Don’t Understand

I get a daily digest version of  I get a lot out of it generally just from the sheer scope of diversity of trans people.  I see that trans people in such places as Indonesia suffer in tangible, unjust ways.  I also get to know trans successes in Britain, Canada, Brazil and sometimes right here at home.  But there’s something I just don’t get – the simmering animosity between some segments of the LGBT community over who is supporting whom, whose needs are being recognized and who is getting short shrift.

Yes, my issues with public accommodations (read “where I can pee”) are not something I always expect my GLB friends to get.  Being T is not exactly the same thing as being G and I don’t always get gay priorities.  But I don’t seem to experience anybody shouting at me or selling me out and I don’t feel compelled to confront the rest of the GLBT community.

Honestly, I’m a lot more bothered by the bizarre hate-mongering homo- and trans- phobic lunatics than anybody else.  Am I naive to want some kind of unity, some kind of communication and understanding between those with the common experience of the closet?  No matter who appears cross gender, no matter who somebody falls in love with and chooses to marry, we all know what it means to “come out”.  And the people of this world who hate G don’t hate L or B or T or what have you any less.  That much I DO understand.


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  1. Roxie
    Jul 04, 2011 @ 16:49:11

    Hate and anger are often based in fear. They take your power away and eat away at your soul.


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